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Specialist supplier audits

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EAQF (evaluation d’aptitude sur la qualite pour les fournisseur), published in 1994, is a French automotive standard based on ISO 9001:1994, that was created by GECA (Group d’Etude sur la Certification Automobile).

The EAQF standard was developed for the needs of such car manufacturers as: Citroen, Fiat, Peugeot S.A. and Renault. The outcomes of the application of EAQF are similar as in the case of VDA6.1 and AVSQ:1994, but another assessment method is used. In 1987, French car manufacturers – Renault, Peugeot and Citroen – agreed upon a general document, known as Assurance Qualite Fournisseur (AQF), specifying the procedures which transfer the entire responsibility for the quality onto the suppliers . This common document has evolved into a more precise standard, known as EAQF, which classifies the suppliers by awarding them different levels of compliance with the given criterion.


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The 1990 version of EAQF includes 20 sections for all 173 requirements pertaining to quality control, product concept, process concept, production and external suppliers. The 1994 version contains two extra sections regarding safety and financial aspects of quality. For each requirement, a rating from zero to three for the classification of suppliers is used. Zero in this system means compliance with the requirements, one and two are acceptable notes, and three indicated noncompliance.

The system ultimately sorts the outcome into four classes: A, B, C or D for each supplier. A grade means that the supplier is able to develop new products, while B indicates that the supplier’s ability is insufficient and requires improvement. Suppliers with C grade are perceived as inappropriate, and those with D are eliminated.


In 1992 the Big Three of French car manufacturers agreed on a general strategy to only select A suppliers, in order to guarantee top quality of products.